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Scar Removal

Dermal Pigment

Vaginal Tighten

Vulva Rejuvennationg Optional

Cutting Surgical

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Product Advantages

Fractional, Gynecology And Cutting 3 ln 1

USA coherent laser device
Korea 7 Joints light guiding arm6 Adjustable treatment graphics
Skin Resurfacing
Cutting Surgical
Private Treatment

100% Korea import Reliable quality

7 joints articulated light guiding arm
Greatly reducing energy loss
Convenient and flexible in operation
Stylish appearance and excellent use feeling

Comparison with peers

RF excited tube,Safe , lifetime long

Glass tube,Disposable, short lifespan

Instrument decomposition principle

Physician Benefits

1.Variable applicators for precision treatments
2.Targeted and efficient procedures
3.Adjustable treatment patterns
4.Safe and effective treatment for all areas, including delicate
5.Multifaceted high demand treatments
6.Fast return on your investments


The CO2 Laser Therapy Machine reshapes skin texture, enhances tightness, and reduces wrinkles by removing surface skin cells and promoting collagen production.

It effectively fades spots, scars, and acne marks, helping the skin regain a more even and smooth appearance.